About Us

Professional Roofing New Mexico is here for a very simple reason.

  • We think that with the cost of home improvement today, the customer should come away from the buying experience feeling good about who they chose.
  • We think that you should get the best price, the best quality and the best overall experience.
  • We also think that when the project is complete, the only thing different about your property is that it has a beautiful new roof. No nails on the ground, no destroyed landscaping and no oil marks on your pavement. Just a great roof that you don’t have to worry about for decades!

We already texted you during the rains and slight hail to let you know there were no issues with our new roof and everything was good. Now that we are in the heat of the season we want to let you know how that's going. We have programmed thermostats that have been running on the same program for our AC for years. We are pretty sure that it is kicking on for the first time much later in the day than it used to and that it is not running as often or as long. That suggests to us that the new roof is probably keeping the heat level in the house down as you said it probably would. However, we have also noticed that when it does run, the house was actually getting a little too cool and we had to reset the program to a higher temperature by one or two degrees. We think that means that the new roof may also be keeping the cooled air in better than the old roof did. Of course, we are so happy with these results!

Deb & Adrienne

Randy's attention to detail saved my family over $10,000. My wife and I are both teachers and we'd been saving for years for a new roof for our home. After not being pleased with bids from six roofing contractors, I turned to a friend in the industry for a recommendation; he suggested I call Randy. I am so glad I did. Randy noticed roof damage which the previous contractors hadn't. Over the next week he helped me understand what to expect from my bank and insurance company. He even came to the house to politely point out the damage he noticed to the insurance adjuster. Professional Roofing installed a higher quality roof at a lower cost to my family. Once when I had to review documents, my toddler was needing to be held. Randy asked if he could hold her for me, and this was the first of many times the two of them enjoyed each other's company. The installation was fast and clean; days later the city inspector noted the quality of the roof that had been installed. I sleep well knowing that my home is protected, under warrantee, and that anytime I have a question I can call on Randy. I couldn't recommend a better roofing company.

Nick Porter

Randy, I just wish to take of little of your time to say that I am so pleased with the work you and crew performed on replacing my roof. It wasn't just the replacing of my roof but the work that your crew had done for me that was not expected of them. They made repairs to problems that I was having other than the normal roof replacement

I am more than satisfied with the roof replacement and the extra work performed by your crew. They are bunch of fine workers and just nice guys.

Once again, me and my wife are beyond totally satisfied with the work performed.

PS. My wife has established the possibility of 5 more customers for your business. Good luck Mr. Rainey.

Bill & Yong Evans

We made two bid appointments for the roof on our home. The first salesman came and gave us a fast and pressure filled sales pitch! He gave us no information about what the total cost of the roof would be. He made the point to us that he could do our roof, and it would not cost us any money out of our pocket! He asked us to put his sign in our front yard to cover the cost of the deductible to the insurance company. We were close to letting him replace our roof.

Randy Rainey called to confirm his time the next day. I told him I was probably going to go with the other company, and he would be wasting his time! Randy asked if he could come anyway and explain how his company did business and the materials that were used! Randy explained how the roof would be done and what things needed to be changed to end up with a roof that would vent better and last much longer! The bid gave a complete material list and prices for everything! He told us how long the job would take, how the crew worked and how the cleanup was completed!

Our home is a two story-house with an extremely steep pitch. The job was done in a day and a half. The crew was very professional, polite and did an excellent job on the roof and the cleanup!

We would recommend Randy Rainey and his guys to anyone who needs a roof and wants it done quickly and properly!

Thank You for a Job Done Well!

Tom & Linda Denton

After living in our home for over twenty years it was time to replace the roof. We called several roofing contractors and obtained a referral for Professional Roofing. Randy Rainey sat down with us and went over the many options available and helped us to make the decisions about just what kind of roof to put on our home. He explained the differences between the various kinds of shingles and underlayment available. He even pointed out the differences between the original roofing nails and the better ones he used on our new roof. We wanted a quality roof and Randy helped us to choose one that fit our needs.

With Professional Roofing, we felt well informed and all our questions and concerns were answered. The Professional Roofing installation went off on schedule without a hitch. The installers were a team who worked together. The work progressed rapidly and was completed in two days’ time. All the old roofing was removed from the premises, leaving the new roof and the ground around the house free of debris. They repaired the roof deck where needed, and even painted the roof vents to match the new roof color. Randy took care of the building permit and arranged for the city inspection, which was passed without any problem.

We recommend that anyone needing a roof replacement take a good look at Professional Roofing.

James Stephens, Albuquerque